The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover 2-DVD Set w/ Bonuses
The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover 2-DVD Set w/ Bonuses
The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover 2-DVD Set w/ Bonuses
The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover 2-DVD Set w/ Bonuses

The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip, and Thigh Makeover 2-DVD Set w/ Bonuses

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Here is what you get:
Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover

=> ULBHTM DVD # 1 - Level 1 ____________ $39.95 (when sold separately)

=> ULBHTM DVD # 2 - Level 2 ____________ $39.95 (when sold separately)

A text from Gloria - who bought the ULBHTM in 2013:
And here is the Before & After she sent:

1 - The Complete '28 Days to Life' version of the Blow-Torch "Diet" ($37.95 value) - This is my prescription for realistic, well-balanced nutrition. No matter what your goals are - these quick and simple meal plans are all easily adjustable to suit your needs. All the foods are readily available at most neighborhood supermarkets, including Target and Wal-Mart. No questionable supplements, no hard to find items and no 'one-food fasting phases' - or anything crazy like that.

With this, you also get 'My Secret Seven Best Bed-Time Snacks' ($17.97 value) - I know evenings can be tough when you are trying to eat right and stay away from junk food calories. It used to be one of my most challenging times until I learned about these foods and started using them each night as my fat burning 'desert'. You can print and post this handy reminder card on your refrigerator so you can't 'mess up'. Crush your cravings and stop all temptations with 'My Secret Seven'.

2 - The ULBHTM Travel Cheat Sheets ($17.00 value) - If you are going on the road - and don't want to take your printed PDFs with you - just slip your Travel Cheat Sheets into your bag and you are ready to go. No missed exercise sessions - no excuses and your results keep coming - no matter where you are or where you go.

3 - All Three Versions of Progression Plans:

- Fat Reduction, Slimming and Firming Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

- Building, Sculpting and Lifting Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

- Cellulite Reduction, Toning and Shaping Progression Plans ($18.99 value)

4 - Seven Steps to Building and Sculpting a Firm, Curvy Lower Body ($19.97 value) - I created this specifically for the woman who has no shape or size in her lower body and wants to build up some sexy, confidence boosting curves and 'shapeliness' - also very important for preventing and fighting osteoporosis, diabetes - and the nasty, body weakening effects of aging.
5 - The Cardio Report - Lower Body Edition ($15.00 value) - One of the most frequently asked questions from women who purchase the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover - Womens Home Exercise program is "How much and what kind of cardiovascular exercise should I do in addition to your program, Joey?" I wrote The Cardio Report to answer that specific question for you. I didn't realize how many women get this wrong until I started taking questions via email.

6 - The 'Before and After' Coaching Questionnaire and Progress Tracker ($22.00 value) Taking a 'before and after' approach to getting started on and staying with your program will help you make it a natural part of your life - and MUCH more fun too. This Coaching Questionnaire is a refined and updated version of what I used to use when I was working with clients in a one-on-one setting. (Nobody else in my field is doing this - but I guarantee there will be a bunch of 'copy-cats' once this gets around). I will also be looking forward to your 'Before and After' story with photos (I encourage this greatly!)!! This Coaching Questionnaire basically guarantees your success. When you start reading it and filling in the blanks - you'll see exactly why.


8 - My Insider list of Most Trusted Health and Fitness "Watchdog" websites ($50.00 value)

- This is my closely guarded list of the best UNKNOWN health and fitness websites for valuable information you won't see in the mainstream media. Learn which companies are selling fraudulent or harmful diet/nutrition supplements and which ones are legitimate and ethical. This one will save you lots of money, disappointment & maybe your life. Women are getting scammed every day - this is my way of helping you fight back and be a wise consumer.

9 - A Behind the Scenes Look at the Atlas-SCULPTAFIT Home Gym System

In 2018 we finally released the long -awaited Home-Gym systems I've been working on for over 12 years. I'll share the video clips with you so you can see the details, why I designed it for "the bigger picture" and when our next production run of new units will be available.

Special Offer - Everything Above for only $39.97! (50% off Retail)

This Complete Package Will Eventually Sell at Retail Locations for $79.97, but if you take advantage of this Special Offer, you will get the whole package for only $39.97 INCLUDING Worldwide Shipping (that's 50% OFF Retail).

You Get EVERYTHING For Less Than The Cost of a Cheap Dinner For Two Shipped Straight to Your Door! 

These DVDs are region free and play in EVERY country.

So let's do the math here - you get over $415.00 worth of the BEST women's fitness & health programs and support materials - mainly focused on your leg, butt, hip and thigh areas - with benefits that extend to all parts of your mind, body and spirit - for only $39.97 - that's it. This is a single, one-time purchase - you will NEVER be billed again.

NOTE - the digital rights to these free bonuses expire very soon - and once they expire I can NOT offer them as free bonuses any longer - so if you come back in a few days and they are gone - please understand we could only offer them for a limited time - no exceptions.

Let's put this into perspective before I give you my irresistible and 'unheard of' guarantee.

How many pairs of shoes or purses have you bought for $40 or more?

More than one I bet. On any given day - what do you spend on your necessities - such as food, a cup of tea, or a 'coffee'? I'll bet it's more than 11 cents, right? What's 11 cents? It's what you would pay, each day, for your Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover - Women's Home Fitness Program - if you paid for it over the course of just one year - 11 cents a day!! - that's it.

But remember - this program will carry you to changes that will last a lifetime - because it's the type of exercise program that you'll be able to stick with forever. Ok - on top of that generous offer - here is what I'll also do for you - so that your mind is at total ease and you have absolutely NO RISK when you get your copy of this program.

You are covered by my 365-Day Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee


leg butt hip thigh exercise dvd case

Here's how it works. You have a WHOLE YEAR (365 days) to experience the true benefits of this program (not 2 weeks or 21 days like all the other NON-consumer friendly companies). If you are not satisfied with the changes you are experiencing - just let us know, send us the DVDs, request your refund and we will gladly issue it. If my program doesn't work for you - you shouldn't have to pay for it. Fair enough, right? What's the catch? There is none. Well, maybe a little one. In return for me doing all that I can to ensure your success...


All I ask is that you spread the word about this program when you start to see and feel the changes you will experience as a result of using The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover.

That's fair enough too, right?

Sound too good to be true? Well, think again Sweetheart. My offer is as real as you reading this page right now... And it gets even better for you... Before I finished writing this - I racked my brain trying to think of what else I could give you to make this more than worth your while - basically make it a 'no-brainer' for you. And here's what I came up with.

When you order The Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover Womens Home Exercise DVD Package - you will also get: - FREE Bonus and Support Material Updates For Life - That's right.

Every time I add something to the Bonus and Support Material part of the program - you don't have to buy them. You get the new material for free, emailed straight to your inbox - no charge whatsoever. Here's how it works - I contact you through your private, 'clients-only' e-newsletter and I send you instant download instructions so you can stay right up to date on the latest Leg, Butt, Hip and Thigh Makeover exercise and nutrition info. ($247.00 lifetime value)

- And you get a lifetime subscription to my world famous 'Secrets of a Trainer' e-Newsletter.


This is currently a 'free to the public' offering - but eventually I will have to charge for it (as email will NOT be free forever, and my subscriber base grows by several thousand every week) - eventually, when new subscribers have to pay for their subscription - you'll have nothing to worry about because you are getting 'in the door' now - and this guarantees you 'free for life' status - FOREVER. ($87.00 per year value) I don't know what else I can say at this point except it's time for you to take action and allow me to help you make the changes you believe you can make. My one-on-one clients pay $3,946.00 for 16 weeks of training with me.

These DVDs take you step by step through 16 weeks of leg, butt, hip and thigh transforming workouts.

After the first 16 weeks you can then adjust the workouts according to your schedule and fitness goals. Your investment is just $39.97 (and included worldwide shipping)!

You do the math - My clients pay almost $4,000 for 16 weeks of training with me, you'll invest only $39.97 for GUARANTEED results delivering workout routines that you can do for the rest of your life - without getting bored. Although I'm modest - I must share this... I've received a lot of feedback from women who have already started using this program.

They have sent emails saying things like, 'I look forward to hearing your cute voice and seeing your cute face (and butt) on my tv screen 2 or 3 times a week. It's much better than seeing some size 2 fitness bunnies jumping around a cheesy looking stage with the same tacky music every time'.

The truth is, it's like having your own Personal Trainer for 77 cents per week for a year! And you get to keep and use the DVDs and support materials forever and ever.

I've put 8 years of education (BS- Exercise Science, SUNY Buffalo, 4 years and MS - Exercise Physiology, LIU Dobbs Ferry, 4 years) and 18 years of hands on experience into these DVDs. THEY WORK!! If they don't work for you I will refund your $39.97 and you keep the free gifts.